¿Cómo encontrar un proveedor confiable de motores de arranque automático en China?

Over the years, China has emerged as a significant-good supplying country worldwide. People worldwide rely on China to get products because Chinese suppliers provide cost-effective products. But as China has a large number of suppliers, it is very daunting to find a reliable supplier. Most of the time, only 1 or 2 suppliers from 100 are reliable.

An auto starter motor is an electric motor that cranks the engine to start. The starter motor consists of a powerful DC (direct current) motor and a starter solenoid connected to the motor. Due to the technical specifications of the starter motor, it would be best to buy it from a trustworthy and professional manufacturer. This article will discuss some easy ways to find a reliable auto starter motor supplier in China.

Different ways to find a reliable auto starter motor supplier in China
China has many manufacturers and suppliers of auto starter motors. If you are a beginner looking for reliable Chinese suppliers, then you are in the right place. Here we have put together a list of easily approachable ways to find a reliable auto starter motor supplier in China.

Chinese Wholesale Websites
B2B marketplaces or Chinese wholesale websites are the best way to find reliable auto starter motor suppliers online. You can search your keyword, and the website will show you all the relevant suppliers and their products. The most recognized B2B platforms in China are:

Global sources
Made in China
Here I have given a brief description of every platform, so you don’t have to face problems finding suppliers on these websites.


Alibaba is one of the most widely used platforms globally. People from all over the world buy wholesale products from this website. Alibaba is a great place to purchase goods at wholesale prices. However, it would be best if you cleared some misunderstandings. When you search auto starter motor, the top results do not always mean that the supplier is reliable. Alibaba’s ranking system is different from Google’s. Here ranking is based on expensive ad rate. That’s why carefully evaluate the supplier before purchasing from them. Suppliers shown at the top of the list don’t mean they are good.

Moreover, don’t get scammed by a supplier just because he is verified. On Alibaba, suppliers can get verified status by paying membership fees. Verified suppliers are not bound to be good. You must be extra vigilant while finding suppliers on any B2B platform.

Made in China & Global Sources

There are too many suppliers on Alibaba with an increased risk of finding a bad one. You can check Made in China and Global Sources websites as a better alternative to Alibaba. On these websites, there are not too many suppliers like Alibaba.

You can also be assured of the credibility of suppliers here because these websites have higher auditing standards and membership fees. That’s why you can quickly screen suppliers on these websites and find the most suitable for you. Sometimes you can find the same supplier on these two and Alibaba. MOQs and other requirements may also be identical. However, you need to buy an auto starter motor, so it would be best to opt for Made in China or Global Sources. These two websites have a better reputation for supplying machinery and electronic products.

AliExpress and DHgate

AliExpress and DHgate are famous websites if your minimum order quantity is low. If you are new to the business and want to buy auto starter motors for some experience in the field, then AliExpress and DHgate are the perfect choices for you. However, on these websites, suppliers are not always manufacturers, so if you reorder from the same supplier, the quality may not be the same. The suppliers here can source auto starter motors from various factories, so the quality of every product is not guaranteed. However, don’t let one bad experience hold you from reordering again and doubt the safety of AliExpress and DHgate.

Most of the suppliers at AliExpress and DHgate are legit. Try to keep in close contact with your supplier to ensure good quality products all the time. In short, if you have been doing business for a long time, then these platforms are unsuitable. These websites are best suited for beginners. If you are a beginner, learn how to run these websites before ordering anything.


Yiwugo is the website that gathers China wholesale suppliers from the Yiwu market. Yiwu market is mainly in the Middle East, India, and Africa, so the product quality here is not up to the US standards. You can contact suppliers online and ask for their store address, contact info, and product description. However, an auto starter motor requires high technical specifications so try not to buy it from Yiwugo.


1688 is a great marketplace, but this site is not feasible for non-Chinese buyers. The site only supports Chinese people, which is why it only has a Chinese version. You can find the same suppliers on this site and on Alibaba. But if you want to buy an auto starter motor from 1688, you must face many hassles.

Finding reliable auto starter motor suppliers by visiting China
Visiting China to find a supplier is a challenging task. However, this way, you can get better products at lower prices and meet more trustworthy suppliers. Below are some places where you can go and find a supplier.

China wholesale markets
Canton fair
Industrial clusters
Sourcing Agent
China wholesale markets

China has a vast number of wholesale markets for different products. You can find hundreds of suppliers in these markets. China’s most famous trade cities are Yiwu, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. If you want to find a reliable auto starter motor supplier in China, visit these cities. Yiwu is not suitable for electronic and technical products, so try to avoid buying starter motor from this city. Instead, visit Guangzhou or Shenzhen. However, while visiting China wholesale markets, you should keep the following things in mind:

Most of the suppliers in Chinese markets do not accept US dollars. You have to pay them in RMB, and you can’t send the money by wire transfer.

You should find an interpreter to help you communicate with your supplier.

To manage shipment matters, find a freight forwarder. A freight forwarder will make sure that the shipment is on time. Plus he will give you helpful advice on import matters.

Canton fair

Canton Fair is China’s largest trading show held twice a year. The fair is so huge that it occurs in three phases. Almost every supplier in China attends this fair. So if you want to find a reliable auto starter motor supplier in China, visit phase 1 of this show. You can visit Canton fair website and find the names and locations of exhibitors beforehand. You don’t have to waste time finding your desired supplier. You can go to starter motor suppliers, inspect the samples, and hand out business cards for follow-up.

Industrial Clusters

China produces a considerable amount of products every year. Moreover, Chinese products are supplied almost in every part of the world. Products made in China have their industrial clusters. You can visit these industrial clusters and find the supplier who deals with the auto starter motor.

Sourcing agent

A sourcing agent is someone who has boots in China, knows the region and culture well, is well-versed in Chinese, and knows reliable auto starter motor suppliers in China. By hiring the sourcing agent, you don’t have to worry about the supplier’s credibility, language barrier, and cultural differences between the supplier and you. Your sourcing agent will ensure that you and your supplier are on the same page throughout the process.

You have to tell the name of the product you want, your requirements, and any other qualities you want in the product to your sourcing agent. A sourcing agent will provide you with the list of best-suited reliable suppliers. With abundant experience, the sourcing agents know reliable suppliers and provide good quality products.

The sourcing agent will also visit the factory on your behalf to check the raw material standard. He will send you samples once they are ready. He will also check the auto starter motors regularly to ensure that every product meets international standards. A sourcing agent is the best way to get a supplier at competitive prices.

Five tips to verify reliable Chinese supplier
China has many suppliers, so the risk of finding a lousy supplier is also high. In this section, we will discuss some tips to help you recognize an excellent supplier.

Something that doesn’t go with the logic of the market is undoubtedly a scam. For example, a supplier offering iPhone X for 100$ is a scam. However, nowadays, most Chinese suppliers do legitimate business. So you should find the one suitable for establishing a long-term business. Here are some tips to verify the credibility of your auto starter motor supplier.

There should always be a balance between quality and price. You can find many suppliers offering auto starter motors at meager prices. And that is a red signal. Low quality and low price go hand in hand.
Verify the expertise of the salesman. A good salesman knows the product’s pros and cons, the product description, and the import and export regulations. Most of the time, the salesman assigned to you by a supplier is not an expert and may not work for the company. Once you show them interest, they will give you a real expert.
Effective communication is critical to developing a trusted relationship between you and the supplier. You should hire an interpreter when talking face to face with the supplier. During the online chat, use WeChat to communicate with your supplier.
Your supplier should be responsible while arranging your order. An accountable supplier will treat all orders equally. You should build a long-term relationship with only a responsible supplier.
Before signing a deal with the supplier, please do a thorough background check on him. Your suppliers shouldn’t be involved in any legal disputes.
Finding a reliable auto starter motor supplier in China is a daunting task. But you can accomplish it knowing the right way to do things. Please read our article before stepping foot in the Chinese market.

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