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Alternator Supplier | Manufacturer

An alternator is a type of electric generator to recharge the battery and distribute electricity to the vehicles.

UNITECH, an experienced alternator manufacturer in China, supplies perfect alternator replacements to global automotive aftermarket.

Our company can handle both bulk and light orders. You can search OEM numbers online or send emails to tell us the models you need!

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UNITECH Alternator & Alternator Parts

UNITECH, a professional alternator manufacturer, provides various alternator replacements for auto parts distributors and auto repair shops. We produce car alternators for Bosch, Delco, Hitachi, Denso, Ford, Iskra, Hyundai, Magneti Marelli, Mitsubishi, Valeo, and more car brands and models.

We have listed some alternators online, you can find the one you need by searching “OEM Number”, if no results, feel free to contact us to know whether we can supply it.

Advantages of UNITECH Alternator

UNITECH alternator supplier has a wide selection of car alternators that come with a low-price guarantee. These alternator replacements are cheaper than the original and have a longer warranty.

starter motor and alternator supplier_Wide Selections

Wide Selections

Quality alternator replacements for different car brands. Perfect for Microcar, Sedan, Crossover, SUV, Hatchback, Roadster, Station Wagon, Pickup, van, coupe, and other car models.

starter motor and alternator supplier_Competitive Prices

Competitive Prices

UNITECH alternator manufacturer has several auto parts manufacturing plants in China. The cheaper labor, available raw materials, and bulk production mean we can give you lower prices!

starter motor and alternator supplier_Strict Quality Control

Strict Quality Control

All UNITECH alternators for sale have passed a series of strict tests before they leave the factory. You can receive reliable car alternators that will last.


Choosing the right alternator for your application requires consideration of parameters such as power requirements, speed, load type, etc. Our dedicated technical team is available to provide support. Contact us now.

Maintaining an alternator includes regular inspections of the motor's cooling system, cleaning and lubricating parts to ensure proper operation.

The life of an alternator depends on usage conditions and maintenance. Typically, they can last from years to decades.

Yes, we provide customized alternator solutions, designing and manufacturing motor products according to customer needs.

If a malfunction occurs, first check the power supply and wire connections. If the problem persists, it is recommended to seek professional technical support.

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