Starter Brush Holder Supplier

A starter brush holder is a component found in a starter motor that houses the brushes used to deliver electrical current to the armature. The brush holder is typically made of insulating material, such as plastic or ceramic, and is designed to hold the brushes securely in place while allowing them to make contact with the armature.

The brushes in a starter motor are made of carbon or graphite, which have good electrical conductivity and are resistant to wear. They are spring-loaded and rest against the commutator segments on the armature. As the armature rotates, the brushes slide along the commutator, maintaining electrical contact and transferring current to the armature windings.

The brush holder ensures proper alignment and positioning of the brushes, as well as providing electrical insulation from the rest of the starter motor. It also helps to guide the brushes during their movement on the commutator.

Over time, the brushes in a starter motor can wear down and require replacement. The brush holder allows for easy access to the brushes, simplifying the maintenance and replacement process.

In summary, the starter brush holder is a crucial component in a starter motor that holds and guides the brushes, enabling them to make consistent electrical contact with the rotating armature, thereby providing the necessary current for the motor to function properly.

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