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Starter Motor (Starting Motor, Engine Starter)

A car starter is a device (electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic) used to rotate the internal combustion engine to initiate the engine’s operation.

In order to meet the needs of automotive aftermarket, Unitech company has developed a comprehensive line of starter motors and created its own brand, “UNITECH”.

As a professional starter motor manufacturer,  we can handle both bulk and light orders and guarantee timely delivery.

Starter Motor & Starter Parts Supplier

UNITECH is one of the professional starter manufacturers for industrial equipment and vehicles in car aftermarket. Our rich experience and superior technology make our starters can withstand the toughest environmental conditions.

UNITECH has a wide range of starter motors for auto repair shops and auto parts distributors. We supply the highest quality starter replacement for Bosch, Denso, Ford, Hitachi, Hyundai, Magneti Marelli, Mando, Mitsubishi, Valeo, and more car brands and models. Tell us if we don’t list what your need, we can acquire it on your demand! Moreover, we can also supply various starter motor parts for various vehicles.

Advantages of UNITECH Starter Motor

Our car starter motors are ideal for diesel and petrol engines in station wagons, sedans, vans, sport utility vehicles, commercial vehicles, and construction vehicles.

ISO 9001-certified; Cheaper than the original starter; Longer warranty; Fast delivery; Suitable for most car brands; Cover main vehicle applications.


Yes, we have starters in various types and sizes to suit different car models and engine types.

Choosing the right starter for your vehicle model and engine size is critical. This can usually be determined through the specification manual provided by the vehicle manufacturer or by consulting a professional technician.

Maintaining the battery, wires, and connections and ensuring the battery is charged properly can extend the life of the starter.

Maintaining a new starter includes making sure the battery is in good condition, wiring connections are secure, and checking for regular starter cleaning.

Signs of starter failure include the engine being difficult to start, making a rattling sound, having a good battery charge but not starting, etc. Regular inspection and maintenance are also key to preventive replacement.

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