Top 10 Starter Motor Manufacturers In The World

The starter motor is the key to starting a car. It can also be called engine starter or starting motor.

How it works is fairly simple: When you turn the car key or press the start button, the starting motor works by turning the engine’s crankshaft. This is the process that starts the internal combustion engine. This process seems easy, but there is complex engineering and precise mechanical structure behind it.

Generally speaking, starter motors usually don’t need to be replaced often during the life of the vehicle. However, due to its complexity, many people have questions about how to replace the starter motor. For example, how does a starter motor replacement cost? And other issues.

In this article, Unitech introduces 10 top starter motor manufacturers in detail. We help you find the manufacturer that suits you faster and easier.

About Unitech

Suzhou Unitech Automotive Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. (Unitech) was established in 2010. We are an integrated company dedicated to the research, development, production, and sale of electric motors and accessories.

The main series of products include starter motors, alternator, starter parts, alternator parts and other auto parts.

With high-quality products and low factory direct sales prices, Unitech have won many customers at home and abroad.

Below is a list of the top 10 starter motor manufacturers

Bosch Auto Parts

Bosch is a well-known global company with a diverse range of products and services.

With a history spanning several centuries, one of the sectors within this history is Bosch auto parts.

In addition to starters and alternators, there are also specialty products including wiper blades, air filters, Spark Plugs, Brakes, and more.

Their advantages are:

  1. A century-old brand.
  2. Global service chain.
  3. 100% original equipment specs.
  4. OE certification

Bosch Auto Parts official website


top 10 starter motor manufacturers in the world-DENSO

DENSO is a global company. It is known for its expertise in automotive technology and industrial solutions.

As an auto parts manufacturer, they specialize in various automotive components such as engine control systems, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, and advanced safety technology.

Their characteristics are:

  1. Global business.
  2. Parts are manufactured to OE standards or higher.
  3. Full range of automotive parts, including starter motors, Alternators, A/C Compressors, etc.
  4. ISO certification, spending seventy years perfecting technology and processes.
  5. After-sales products are manufactured according to original factory standards.

DENSO Auto Parts official website

Nikko Electric Industry Co., Ltd

top 10 starter motor manufacturers in the world-Nikko Electric Industry

Nikko Electric Industry Co., Ltd was established in 1933 as a transportation original equipment supplier.

The industries it serves include not only automobiles, but also government, train carriages, construction and industrial vehicles, special equipment, etc.

The main products include electronic equipment and motors.

The main features are:

1.90 years of history.

  1. Established a regionally intensive service system.
  2. Sustainable development and pursuit of zero energy consumption.
  3. Products are widely used.

Nikko Electric Industry Co., Ltd official website

Delco Remy

top 10 starter motor manufacturers in the world-Delco Remy

Delco Remy is a well-known manufacturer of heavy-duty starters and alternators. They specialize in providing reliable electrical components for a range of applications, including off-highway heavy equipment, long-haul trucks, school buses, and transit vehicles.

Their advantages are:

  1. Complete product portfolio covering all heavy-duty vehicles.
  2. The product is reliable and durable, and the equipment is equipped with an integrated over-start protection (IOCP) device.
  3. Detailed instructions and various technical support.
  4. The customer service team is at your service throughout the entire process.

Delco Remy official website

Magenton Starter Motor

top 10 starter motor manufacturers in the world-Magenton Starter Motor

MAGNETON was founded in 1926. It is a traditional manufacturer of automotive electrical accessories. The company adopts a German management model.

Major projects include starters and alternators, and they provide metal surface treatment as well as metrology testing services. It can be used in passenger cars, trucks, agricultural and construction machinery.

Their main features are:

  1. More than 90 years of history
  2. Global service.
  3. There is a sales office for supply.
  4. Have its own development department.

Magenton Starter Motor Official Website

Sawafuji Starter Motor

top 10 starter motor manufacturers in the world-Sawafuji Starter Motor

Sawafuji was founded in Japan in 1919 as an electric motor manufacturer.

The main product lines are automotive starters and alternators, engine generators, engine welders, retarders, and ENGEL refrigerators.

Currently, it has three subsidiaries: Sawafuji Transport Service Co., Ltd, ENGEL DISTRIBUTION PTY LTD., and SAWAFUJI ELECTRIC (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.. They carry out different business activities, respectively, forming a complete business chain.

Features include:

  1. Already have 104 years of experience.
  2. In 1997, obtained the ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate.
  3. Portable electronic devices and portable refrigerators have been exported to more than 100 countries.

Sawafuji Starter Motor official website


MITSUBA Corporation

top 10 starter motor manufacturers in the world-MITSUBA Corporation

Mitsuba Corporation was established in Japan in 1946. At first, it was just the production and sale of bicycle dynamo lights. Started producing and selling motorcycle starters in 1960. In 2007, Jideco merged with Mitsuba Corporation.

The product line is divided into three series: automotive products, motorcycle products and micro-mobility products. Each series offers different car accessories.

Their characteristics are:

  1. Adhere to sustainable development.
  2. Develop global production and supply systems.
  3. Three business policies have been formulated in 2023 to achieve Vision 2030.
  4. The product has compact structure, light weight and high output power.
  5. Local assembly and production are carried out in eight bases around the world.

MITSUBA Corporation Official Website


Mitsubishi Electric

top 10 starter motor manufacturers in the world-Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is a global company. It is famous for manufacturing electrical and electronic products. Established in 1921 in Japan, it has consistently led in terms of Japanese technology and product innovation.

Their characteristics are:

  1. 100% genuine starter motor and AC motor
  2. Global Presence
  3. HVAC Solutions, focusing on energy efficiency and comfort
  4. Diverse Offerings, the product range encompasses a wide variety of products, ranging from consumer electronics to industrial automation equipment.

Mitsubishi Electric official website



top 10 starter motor manufacturers in the world-GENERAL POWER

GENERAL POWER is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). It is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

They specialize in global sales for the power generation industry. The product series includes: diesel generators, mobile generators, transfer switches, alternators, engine and alternator parts, etc.

Their advantages are:

1.100% original.

  1. Inventory exceeds USD 5 million.
  2. Serving countries on all continents of the world.
  3. Comprehensive customization options.

GENERAL POWER official website


Prestolite Electric

top 10 starter motor manufacturers in the world-Prestolite Electric

Prestolite is a prominent global manufacturer. They specialize in alternators, starters, electrical equipment, and new-energy solutions for various vehicle applications. The company was acquired by Zhongshan Dayang Motor Co., Ltd. in 2016.

Their advantages are:

  1. Best output alternator in the industry.
  2. The alternator warranty is 3 or 4 years.
  3. There are departmental sites in North America and Europe.
  4. Suitable for light vehicles to heavy vehicles.

Prestolite Electric official website


Most of the above are auto parts factories with hundreds of years of experience. The reason for their success is not only the test of time, but also the result of the company’s insistence on product innovation and technological changes.

In addition, numerous top-notch starter motor manufacturers can be found in the market. When selecting a starter motor, analyze and research the manufacturer to ensure product quality and performance. If you are confused about this, contact the Unitech expert team to help you.