All You Need To Know About Starter Motors

A starter motor is a device that helps an internal combustion engine to start. These motors are pivotal for the everyday functioning of automobiles.

How Does A Starter Motor Work?

Here is how the starter motor works:

  • The pinion of the starter motor meshes with the crankshaft’s teeth. The motor provides torque to the crankshaft;
  • The car’s battery powers the starter motor. This power is provided to a solenoid;
  • For controlling the flow of power, an ignition switch is located between the battery and the solenoid;
  • Upon supplying power, the plunger joins the two ends of the contactor to complete the circuit between the battery and the motor.

How Do You Know Its Time To Change The Starter Motor?

A car that refuses to turn on is not always because of a faulty starter motor. There are several other reasons which you need to check before deciding to get a new starter motor, like:

  • A faulty solenoid will not transfer battery power to the starter;
  • A problem with the battery charging or battery wires will cause a hindrance in flowing the current and will generate an irritating noise;
  • The ignition might not be sending a signal to the solenoid to transfer power to the motor.

If you’ve checked all of the above and they are working properly, it’s time you replace the starter motor of your vehicle.

Some indications that suggest that you need to change the starter motor include:

  • Smoke;
  • Freewheeling;
  • Grinding Gears;
  • Oil Soaking.

Why Is Choosing A Reliable Starter Motor Manufacturer So Important?

The job of a starter motor is to simply crank the engine and get it running. However, if gone wrong, this can mean the difference between conveniently riding away in your car or being stranded anywhere with your car refusing to turn on.

Imagine travelling on a highway with your family and taking a short stopover to stretch your legs. Now that you are all refreshed, it’s time to hit back the road.

But what if your starter motor refuses to perform its job? This will leave you stuck in the middle of nowhere with no help from any mechanic. This all could have been avoided if you chose a reliable starter motor manufacturer.

Lately, people around the world have understood the importance of choosing high-quality starter motors. This is why this segment experienced a phenomenal growth rate of around 5.2% between the years 2015 and 2020.

How To Choose A Reliable Starter Motor Manufacturer?

You can search the internet for reliable start motor manufacturers. Reading forums and user reviews is another great way to know which the best starter motor manufacturing companies are.

Now that you know how critical a starter motor is for the proper functioning of an ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle and you’ve realized that you have to get a new one, you must be asking yourself about how to choose a starter motor.

How To Choose A Starter Motor?

Experts suggest that you must know your vehicle and its type before going for a new starter motor. This is mainly because the dynamics of operation drastically vary from one automobile model to another.

Similar products work differently for various automobiles. Some other aspects that need to be considered while choosing the best start motor for your vehicle include:

  • Engine mounting points;
  • Headers;
  • Oil pans.

Know Which Starter Motor Is Suitable For Your Engine

Besides this, it is also worth noting whether your vehicle’s engine is suitable for an offset pattern starter, a straight mount or a diagonal starter.

Trying to fit the wrong part in your vehicle will not only waste your money but may also damage the car components.

Another aspect that we can’t stress enough is knowing the torque output you want from your starter.

In most cases, the 200 lb-ft starter works well but knowing your exact requirements always comes in handy.

How To Maintain Starter Motors?

Maintaining a starter motor is vital because, as you know, it keeps you from standing on a roadside waiting for help.

So what can you do to maintain a starter motor? Here are a few steps that when followed are likely to keep your starter motor running for long.

  • Keeping The Connectors Clean

The battery is connected to the starter motor through a large number of connectors. The presence of any dirt or corrosion of these connectors can hinder the proper flow of current to the motor.

The motor requires a substantial amount of current to crank the engine. In case, it doesn’t get this much current, the desirable result won’t be achieved.

Improper flow of current can also affect the motor in general. This is why you should keep the starter motor connectors clean.

  • Mounting Bolts Must Be Properly Tightened

Mounting bolts hold the starter motor in place. In case the motor is not properly aligned, the pinion of the starter motor and the crankshaft’s teeth won’t properly mesh with each other.

This will not only affect the functioning of the motor but will also damage the crankshaft.

The resulting grinding sound will also be quite nagging and will instantly let you know that something is not working as it should.

Although the mounting bolts are relatively inexpensive parts, the role they play is paramount. This is why you must always keep them properly tightened.

  • Keeping The Solenoid Clean

The solenoid plays a pivotal role in the working of the starter motor. Similar to the terminals of a battery, in case the solenoid is not clean, it won’t be able to function properly. So, keeping the solenoid clean is important.

  • Battery Terminals Must Be Clean

This one goes without saying as we all know that only clean battery terminals are capable of supplying adequate current.

As mentioned above, without proper current flow, the starter motor won’t function properly.

What Makes UNITECH Special?

UNITECH, is a renowned manufacturer of the auto industry. The company’s state of the art technology enables it to produce parts that can survive in the most challenging conditions.

The great attention to detail and compliance with international standards makes UNITECH the brand of choice for several customers located around the globe.

UNITECH has maintained strict quality control and thus its parts go through a series of tests that include:

  • Waterproof test;
  • Dustproof test;
  • Temperature, Impact & Endurance tests.

The company has the distinction of offering a wide array of products for several brands including but now limited to:

  • Bosch;
  • Denso;
  • Ford;
  • Hitachi;
  • Hyundai;
  • Mitsubishi;
  • Mando;

Another aspect that makes UNITECH so good is that it can acquire parts for its customers, depending upon their requirements.