Top Starter Motor Manufacturers in China (2021 Updated)

Starter motors are basically devices that are used to turn on the engine. When you switch the ignition, the starter motor will turn your machine engine on. A Starter motor works by rotating an internal combustion engine so it will initiate the operation of the engine under its own power.

These motors require a large amount of torque to operate the engine at such a fast speed that it pulls air and fuel into the cylinder and then compresses them at the exact time. The starter motor can be hydraulic, electric, or pneumatic. These motors have a variety of uses in almost every machine industry.

In this article, we will discuss the top starter motor manufacturers in China who offer motors at cost-effective prices. If you are looking for a trustworthy starter motor manufacturer for your business, then you are at the right place. Here, we will discuss the top 10 starter motor manufacturers and their brief descriptions. So let’s get started.

Top Starter Motor Manufacturers In China

A starter motor turns on the engine, which is why it has a critical role in everything the engine has to do. If you are an industrialist or a new entrepreneur looking for a starter motor for your machines, then below are some good Chinese starter motor manufacturers that provide good quality motors at relatively fair prices.

1.  Unitechmotor Co. Ltd

Unitechmotor is one of the most popular starter motor manufacturers worldwide. The first company on our list, Unitechmotor, is famous both domestically and internationally because of its superior quality products at relatively competitive rates. Unitechmotor also offers good customer support and privacy policies. So if you are looking for a starter motor business partner for the long run, they are definitely the best choice.

2. Guangzhou M&C Electric Motor Manufacturing Company

The second name to mention here is Guangzhou M&C electric motor manufacturing company. Guangzhou M&C is a professional starter motor manufacturers company in China. They have quite a number of factories in China, and all of them are equipped with the best machinery to design premium quality starter motors. The materials they use in the manufacturing of starter motors are also of top-notch quality. Guangzhou M&C products are available at fair prices. They also provide excellent customer services to facilitate their clients. Electric motors, universal DC motors, and BLDC motors are among the company’s main products.

3. Ningbo Zhongda Leader Intelligent Transmission Co., Ltd

Ningbo Zhongda Leader Intelligent Transmission is a well-known name among starter motor manufacturing companies. This leading starter motor manufacturing company provides its customers with excellent quality products at a reasonable price. Moreover, they also have a good customer service policy. Although Ningbo Zhongda Leader Intelligent Transmission company is best known for its premium quality starter motors, they also manufacture various transmission equipment like DC gear motors, torque motors, brake motors, and many more.

4. Starteralternators

Starteralternators is another leading manufacturer of starter motors, alternators, and more accessories. They have a good reputation both inside and outside of China. Starteralternators have over 20 years of experience in the starter motor industry. They provide the best customer service policy in China. With their premium quality products, at a competitive price, and good customer service policy, they are undoubtedly one of China’s best starter motor manufacturing companies.

5. EEC Safety Testers

EEC safety testers is another big name in the field of starter motor manufacturers in China. They have been providing superior quality starter motors to the residents of China for many years now. With the best solution to meet every client’s needs and high-quality products, EEC safety testers are definitely the big name of China. Their premium quality products with competitive costs can be widely used in the automotive industry, electrical home appliances industry, and many other industries.

6. Jinhua Delcoribo Motor Products Co., Ltd

Jinhua Delcoribo is another starter motor manufacturer located in China. Aside from starter motors, Jinhua Delcoribo also specializes in alternators, automotive OEM products, parts, ignition modules, etc. All their products are remarkable and come at relatively reasonable prices. Jinhua Delcoribo mainly focuses on the design, development, innovation, production, and sales of spare parts for trucks and cars. Jinhua Delcoribo also provides good customer support, so in case you have any queries you can ask them, and they will contact you back within a short amount of time.

7. Shanghai Longlong Import and Export Co., Ltd

Shanghai Longlong, Import and Export company, is one of China’s famous starter motor manufacturers. These professional starter motor manufacturers have been manufacturing high-quality starter motors at competitive prices for many years. Shanghai Longlong, Import and Export company, is famous both domestically and internationally because of its premium quality products and good customer support services. The main products of Shanghai Longlong, Import and Export company, are starter motors and alternators for cars and trucks.

8. Shandong Welwoo Power Co., Ltd

Shandong Welwoo Power manufactures and offers a wide range of products like starter motors, low voltage high power motors, variable frequency motors and many more. All of their products are available at a competitive price. Shandong Welwoo Power is a pretty good and popular starter motor manufacturer in China because of its superior quality and wide range of products. With their excellent customer support policy, they are popular among clients. If you are looking for a trustable manufacturer for your business, then Shandong Welwoo Power is definitely an excellent choice to consider.

9. Ruian Runrun Auto Parts Co., Ltd

Ruian Runrun is another big name among starter motor manufacturers of China. Ruian Runrun offers advanced production equipment with strict quality inspection and advanced testing in manufacturing starter motors. All of their products are in accordance with ISO/TS 16949. That’s why you don’t have to worry about the quality of the starter motor you are buying from them.

10. Ningbo Magnificent Imp & Exp Co., Ltd

Ningbo Magnificent Imp & Exp Co., Ltd is a well-known and trustworthy manufacturer of starter motors, alternators, auto parts, and more related products. The company is located in China. Ningbo Magnificent Imp & Exp Co., Ltd offers a variety of services and products according to market needs and customer demands. In addition, Ningbo offers superb OEM products and services. All of their products are cost-efficient with supreme quality.


Here comes the end of our list of top 10 starter motor manufacturers in China. All of the above-mentioned manufacturers are trustworthy and well-known worldwide. Most of the starter motors used worldwide are manufactured by either of the above-mentioned starter motor manufacturing companies. 

If you want to know about specific details of each company like the minimum order quantity and privacy policies, then contact them.

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