How much will a Starter Motor Cost in 2024?

how much does a starter motor cost


If your automobile clicks and sputters, there’s a huge possibility that the starter motor isn’t operating correctly. Self-check for signs of a bad starter.

Your car operates because of this unsung hero, who starts the engine and fires the combustion process. But fear not—restoring the functionality of your vehicle doesn’t have to break the bank.

This comprehensive resource details starting motors, including their applications, replacement prices, and potential impact factors in 2024.

We will now address the important question: how much does a brand-new starting motor cost?

How much does a brand-new starting motor cost?

We’ll also examine the various factors, including market shifts, prevailing economic conditions, and technological advancements, that influence starting motor costs. Knowing this will give you the confidence to select a replacement.

A Starter Motor: What Is It?

A starting motor is a crucial part of internal combustion engines seen in automobiles. In reply to an electrical signal from the ignition, the starting motor engages with the flywheel or flexplate to turn over the engine. Check out the different types of starter motors.

When the engine starts on its own, the starting motor disengages. Despite their robustness, starting motors eventually wear out and require replacement.

What Does A New Starter Cost?

The price of a new starting motor might vary significantly depending on several factors. However, the component should run you between $80 and $350 to give you an approximate idea. Labor costs are not covered here; they are covered in a subsequent section. Let’s look at the primary factors influencing the cost:

Original and aftermarket starting motors: You can purchase an original replacement motor from your vehicle’s manufacturer or get an aftermarket starting motor from a third-party provider. It’s up to you!

Cost to Replace a Starter Motor

When replacing the starter motor, there are additional costs to consider. View a detailed guide to replacement starter motor costs. The cost of a new beginning motor alone may run you anywhere from $80 to $350. In this part, we’ll look at the several factors that affect the overall cost of replacing a starting motor:

Identify faulty motor starters.

Have you recently been having problems starting your Car? Here are a few indicators to be aware of:

  • Click, Click, But There’s No Crank: This clicking sound you hear when you turn the key indicates a starting problem. The click suggests that the starter might be trying to turn over the engine, but it might not have enough force.
  • The Slow and Steady Do Not Win the Race:  If your engine starts slowly instead of quickly, it might have problems starting. A poor start could be the cause of this.

When Should I Replace the Starter Motor

The lifespan typically ranges from 100,000 to 150,000 kilometers. Any replacement is not necessary at that point.

The Bottom Line:

Seeing a reliable technician is the best course of action. If you’re experiencing starting issues, they can identify the problem. They advise you to hire a new employee, or there may be another problem. You’ll soon be back on the road, so don’t worry!

How Can the Lifespan of a Starter Motor Be Extended?

You can prolong the life of your starting motor in several ways, such as:

  • Steer clear of rapid trips: You prevent the engine from reaching the operating temperature. This is the point that it may increase the work amount that the starter motor must do in between cold starts.
  • Conserve your battery purity: Using a low-quality battery will affect the engine.  It makes it difficult for the starter motor to start the engine. When the average life of a battery is near the end, it needs to have connections. These connections are clean and corrosion-free.
  • Park your car level:Due to the lack of gravity, you may need more effort to start a car on a slope from the starter motor.

Can I Change My Starter Motor?

Just remember that changing a starter motor in your Car may be challenging. It depends on your technical expertise and your vehicle’s grip. As it is practical work, you can do it yourself if you are an expert in this field.

However, the best practice is to talk to a specialist in this field. They can easily and hurriedly fund the issue and fix it. As they are experienced, you should try them for it.

starter motor replacement cost

Factors Effect on New Starter Motor Cost

It should be clear that the starting motor piece can not be set when purchased. If you know different patterns that influence the total cost, you may know which decision is better for you if you need to purchase a replacement item.

Financial aspects:

  • Raw material costing estimate: The starter motif is rare earth and copper metal. So its cost depends on their proof and how it varies. As the cost of these raw things increases, it is understood that the final product will be expensive.
  • Global commerce: There is a chance of getting affected by supply chain disruptions. There is an equal probability of trade conflicts. These things hit the availability and costs of starter motors.

Advances in Technology

  • Design of starter motor: The modern technology of this era has benefitted us in many ways. The use of light materials is a more efficient design for starter motors.
  • Manufacturing automation: As time passes, the manufacture of starter motors gets more automated. The product cost will go down, and productivity will increase as well.

Market Trends:

  • Demand and supply: If there is a high demand for forester motors, supply prices may be high. However, on the opposite edge, a surplus may fall to lower expenses.
  • Aftermarket options: The cost depends on the competition level and availability. In these situations, customers have a chance to find affordable options. You can choose from thriving aftermarkets and famous brands.

The 2024 Cost of Replacing Starter

The following is the list of related costs

1. Labor cost

The labor charges are 100℅ , depending on the make and model of the Car. Changing the starter motor could take 1 to 4 hours or maybe more. However, the labor expense range is $100 to $300 per hour.

2. Costs of components

As the article mentions, a solo-started motor costs $80 to $350 anywhere. But this price is influenced by some factors, such as:

3. Car makes and models

It is a car’s protocol; different cars need different starting motors. High-performance and luxurious cars are frequently more costly.

4. OEM versus aftermarket

Original equipment manufacturer(OEM) parts are generally more expensive than aftermarket parts. But there is a plus point that they are guaranteed items as they are of great quality and fit for your car.

5. Extra Expenses

The story does not end here. You might need some extra money for additional costs. It will be needed when you have to replace a starter motor, shop fees, taxes, or other unexpected maintenance.

6. Estimating the total cost

Considering all the above factors, the price of a new motor this year,2024, could range from $190 to $650. This is a wide range because all the components mentioned above greatly impact total costs.

Selecting the Appropriate Starter Motor

Take Your Needs Into Account:

When finding a suitable starter motor, consider your budget and ease of use. Different cars require different starter motors, so try to find the best one for your vehicle.

Examine and contrast:

Once you become an expert, it will be much easier for you as you know your needs and options. You can easily compare prices of offers from manufacturers and retailers online, and in this way, you can get the best one.

Don’t Skimp on Quality:

Never undervalue the importance of a starting motor. It is not good to choose low-quality or inexpensive parts. This will eventually lead to a bad experience and early failures.

Seek Professional Assistance (if Needed):

If you have any queries, approach a mechanic. From choosing the best starter motor to replace it yourself, consult a qualified mechanic. They can easily handle the replacement. They recommend the best motor and accurately diagnose the problem.

With the help of this article’s guidance, you may replace your starting motor. It will give you confidence. You can choose the finest option for your Car and budget.

Remember that a working starting motor keeps your Car moving. It ensures a smooth start each time you turn on the key.


In conclusion, the failure of a starting motor can make your Car doable to start. The price of a new motor is from $80 to $350. Some costs, such as labor, additional parts, and repairs, are extra. They increase the cost of starting a motor.

Using our buyer’s guide and knowing all the other factors will help you. You can make a better decision when finding a replacement. It should be memorized that a good and working starting motor is perfect. It ensures a trouble-free and dependable start. You must visit a qualified mechanic for well-informed guidance.